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         Cleaning products under the brand "GREEN PLUS" have provided a clean experience to consumers covering all aspects of daily life for more than 10 years. We continue to strive to develop and create new products. To always meet the needs of consumers in today's era.

         If you go back to the beginning of "GREEN PLUS" originated from the love and support of the family. with father as a pusher The “first building” was simply built for production. Collect raw materials and store products. with mezzanine for storage of packages The production capacity is not very high with limited space.

      “Restaurants” are the first group of customers that we target to offer our products. At the initial stage, there are a few products such as dishwashing detergent, floor cleaner, and bathroom cleaner. Liquid hand soap, etc. We are aware of customer satisfaction and therefore pay attention and pay attention to product development in order to be accepted and trusted in quality, after receiving good feedback from consumers therefore expanding the customer base to entrepreneurs in various business sectors such as hotels, hospitals, industrial plants, educational institutions, as well as general users.

       When there are more customers Consumer demand for products is increasing and they are seeking opportunities to expand their business into OEM cleaning products for customers who want to build their own brand. causing the existing factory area to not be able to support the increased production capacity therefore started the construction of a new factory in the area on an area of ​​8 rai, which connects to the major transportation routes of the Northeastern region to support the transportation of our products in the future

       Inside the new factory area Design and construction to support international standard certification, consisting of office buildings. Production building and warehouse building Technology, tools, machinery and modern production equipment are used to control quality and increase production capacity. Including the management of industrial waste treatment systems to meet international production standards. GMP and ISO 9001 certified.

      Currently, "GREEN PLUS" has more than 50 cleaning products as a choice for consumers. We are happy to be a part of taking care of the health of people in society. from the personal level household to corporate level To develop and enhance the quality of life, well-being and sustainability As the initial goal of our work that

 “ Solutions For Better Life ”



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